Talon FS container

Talon FS container


Key Features:
    • Upward closing main pin cover: Eliminating potential to release during FreeFlying
    • Body contoured horizontal webbing: Making the fs extremely comfortable to wear, hugging the body allowing the rig and wearer to move as one
    • Wrap-around bridle protection system: keeping the bridle covered during flight & improving the aesthetic appeal
    • Hard Housings secured by clamps: eliminating the need for hand tacking and minimising reserve or release cable exposure
    • Flat RW8 stainless steel harness rings: prevents harness distortion, while maintaining its comfort and flexibility of movement
    • Yoke and shoulder design: as well as it’s incredible comfort and aesthetics, this keeps the risers and housing covered without effecting opening function
    • MARD: (Main Assisted Reserve Deployment) system available as an option with a Talon FS. It is also available in a retrofit kit to existing Talon FS owners.


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The Talon label has been innovating in the industry since it’s conception. It has brought many designs to the market, which have now become industry standard. One of the most innovative being the FAST & Multiflex harness technology, being utilised in almost every container to this day.

The FS lives up to this innovation, being developed in the wake of the increased demands of modern skydiving. The careful attention to safety as well as comfort & aesthetics are outliers in the FS design, making it stand up to the most stringent requirements of today’s skydivers.

So weather you are taking out fast and furious Formation Skydiving, intense FreeFlying or just a quick burn with your mates. The FS is a container that you will be proud to own.


MOJO MARD system ( Main Assisted Reserve Deployment) as a factory option on the Talon FS harness and container system.
A retrofit of the MOJO MARD is also available to existing Talon FS owners.  The retrofit requires no modification to the harness and container system.
All that's needed is a new reserve freebag with the MOJO release installed and a MOJO RSL.
The price as a factory option, or as retrofit parts, is $420-00 complete.
The Container

The Talon FS container system is a highly refined “box” configuration. RI has taken the heart of the Voodoo container, the reserve system, and merged it with a better box design for the main.

The containers are narrower and shorter than the Talon for comparable size canopies. We use the same reserve container configuration as the Voodoo with the same protector flap.

The main utilizes the same upward closing flap as the Voodoo. We increased the plastic stiffener thickness to help flatten the flap out. The main side flaps incorporate the wrap around bottom design that provides for a better bridle protector as well as a natural POP mount.

The main riser covers have been designed for better holding power and allow for the main risers to be stowed in any manner with no effect on deployment. A side note is that these covers worked so well, that they have been merged into the Voodoo design. They hold better, are smoother looking, and result in better over the shoulder comfort.

The backpad is shaped and contoured to fit the shoulders and upper body and stay in place.

The center flap stripe options are similar to those utilized on the Talon 2 for those who prefer more conservative design choices.

The Harness

The harness was taken directly from the Voodoo design. Sandy Reid is the inventor and patent holder for the articulated harness. He has already thought of and tested all the different designs currently used by other companies for their articulated harnesses and has discarded them in favor of the configuration currently used for the Talon FS and Voodoo.

“V-flex” leg strap configuration is simply the best and most comfortable yet designed. The leg straps stay in place without the use of “suspenders” and “bungees” that others rely on. The “Multi-Flex” harness configuration with chest and hip rings allows for maximum comfort and flexibility. The chest rings allow for the yoke to be worn straight down from of the chest, which in turn relieves pressure on the outside of the shoulders. This allows for maximum upward reach.

We have designed our own version of the “cut-in backstrap” which we have named the “In-Set" backstrap. The use of the hip ring oriented from the horizontal and coupled with a comfort pad, results in unparalled stabilization of the container to the back and maximum comfort.

The main risers utilize a new Velcroless toggle design that is flatter and more secure than in the past.