PD Sabre-2

PD Sabre-2


The Sabre2 is a powerful semi-elliptical 9-cell canopy that is a great choice for intermediate and experienced jumpers. It is PD’s most popular main canopy ever, the Sabre2 will feel aggressive at higher wing loadings while maintaining its incredible ease of landing and forgiveness at lower wing loadings. The Sabre2’s performance envelope is huge.

This canopy is best known for its powerful flare and wide speed range. The Sabre2 has a steeper glide and a longer recovery arc than the flatter gliding Pulse and is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit more aggressive piloting experience but are not interested in the demands of the Katana.



  • 9 cell main
  • All Zero Porosity fabric
  • Sizes(Sq.ft) :97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260
  • Spectra or Vectran lines


  • Long recovery arc
  • Powerful bottom end flare
  • Steep glide angle

Perfect for:

  • All skydivers (novice - expert) subject to wing loading
  • Learning high performance canopy piloting (with appropriate supervision)