PD Silhouette

PD Silhouette


The 9-cell Silhouette is a canopy designed to provide responsive handling, even at lower wing loadings.
It has a fast turn rate, while maintaining predictable turn recovery. This responsiveness and agility enables the skydiver to experience crisp handling and performance without the need to fly at high wing loadings, that would otherwise limit their total performance envelope.
Due to the combination of fabrics, the Silhouette is  easy to pack. It has consistent openings, excellent glide ratio, and lots of flare power. With the benefit of the additonal square footage, there is a corresponding increase in forgiveness, both in flight and on landing. The landings on the Silhouette are what you would expect from a Performance Designs’ canopy…superb.
The Silhouette is an ecxellent choice for anyone seeking a practical canopy that is fun to fly!




  • 9 cell main
  • Zero Porosity (ZP) top skin
  • Sizes(Sq.ft) :135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230, 260
  • F111 type bottom skin
  • Microline or Dacron lines


  • Short recovery arc
  • Soft openings with short snivel
  • flat glide
  • Low pack volume
  • Easy to time flare

Perfect for:

  • Student to Experienced skydivers
  • Flat packing
  • Easy packing