PD Katana

PD Katana


The PD Katana is a fully elliptical 9 cell canopy designed for experienced canopy pilots. The Katana is highly tapered & made from all Zero Porosity fabric.

With smooth openings, long control range, a very steep glide angle, easy front riser pressure and a very powerful flare the Katana is a perfect canopy choice for those wanting to push their limits before they are ready for a cross-braced canopy. Though be warned this canopy is not for the faint of heart.

Whether you are considering an 83 or a 120 SQ.ft wing, the Katana will continue challenge and excite you for many jumps to come. 



  • 9 cell main
  • All Zero Porosity fabric
  • Sizes(Sq.ft) :83, 89, 97, 107, 120
  • Spectra or Vectran lines
  • Highly tapered


  • Long recovery arc & dynamic flare
  • Long snivel openings
  • Very steep glide angle
  • Wide speed range
  • Very light front riser input

Perfect for:

  • Advanced to Expert skydivers & canopy pilots
  • Canopy pilots who want a more aggressive non cross-braced canopy
  • Camera flyers or canopy pilots not interested in competition