Cypres Service & Parts

Cypres Service & Parts


Cypres service:-
Airtec have recently implemented a new policy regarding receipt and return of CYPRES units after service. All units will be returned to an approved CYPRES service centre only. This is a worldwide policy and has been implemented to eliminate the delays and costs associated with dealing with 1000’s of individual customers.

These prices include Air courier return delivery to and from Germany, full service, GST and customs clearance fees. Delivery within Australia, if required, is additional.

Loan cypres units are available for customers having their cypres serviced through PA.

Please download the PA cypres service order form. This form should be filled out and sent with your cypres unit to PA.

We would recommend that you take this opportunity to have any other repairs or maintenance completed on your equipment, such as BOC ,Freefly Mods , velcro replacement or main canopy reline etc.

Turn around time for the service is usually 4-5 weeks

Cypres Replacement Parts & Accessories Available:

  • Closing loops and disks
  • Replacement cutter unit
  • Cypres Loop Material in a 50 meter spool
  • Cypres Loop Silicon
  • Cypres Temporary Pin