PA Altimeter

PA Altimeter


Manufactured in Germany, features an easy to read white face with black lettering.

Lightweight aluminium casing for increased durability

Small dial size – 55mm and Low profile -20mm to prevent snagging..

Full repair service offered by Parachutes Australia. Replacement lenses carried in stock at all times

Suitable for use with either a chest or wrist mount


  • For use with the PA Altimeter.
  • Easy to fit – just thread through your altimeter.
  • Very secure, with adjustable Velcro strap for any wrist size.


  • Threads securely through the fittings on your PA altimeter
  • Fits comfortably on to your chest strap.
  • Light and crushable for those pre-exit formations but quickly pops back into shape when in freefall.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Add mount

PA Altimeter 12000ft ($185.00), Cushion Altimeter mount (+$30.00), Wrist Altimeter mount (+$20.00)