Designed for comfort and durability, these goggles come in a wide range of bold rim colours. Reliable, popular and affordable.

Constructed from flexible plastic film for maximum facial contouring.

  • Adjustable elastic headband.
  • Anti fog side vents.
  • Available in an ‘over-glasses’ style.

Kroops Goggles are constructed from flexible plastic film to contour to the face.

They have an adjustable elastic headband and side vents to prevent fogging.

They come with a variety of fashion trim colours including; black, white, red, yellow, jade, lilac, grey and blue.

Special ‘Overglasses’ goggles are available for those who must wear spectacles when skydiving.

Normal goggles/Overgoggles

Goggles, Clear with coloured edging, Overgoggles for use with spectacles

Edging color

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Clear