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Parachutes Australia has been established with over 50 years experience in satisfying skydiving equipment needs. 

We are an entirely Australian owned company, run by skydivers for skydivers. Since our humble beginnings in 1967 we have grown into the only manufacturer of its kind in Australia with full CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approval for manufacture, maintenance and rigging purposes.

Our products

Our product range covers everything you might need to get you in the air safely.

All our products meet the highest standards of quality, and only reputable companies with proven products and back up customer service are chosen as suppliers for goods to service our customers.

We manufacture a range of products from our Airforce brand Reserve parachute & Slimpack pilot emergency system, to our Talon & Telesis container systems which are all built by on the premises in Sydney.

We are also a major dealer of the incredible Icarus & Performance Designs main canopies as well as a full range of accessories which we hold in stock at all time, meaning we can supply any item from logbooks, goggles, pilot chutes or altimeters straight from our shelves


Our aim is to provide our customers with the most efficient service they will find anywhere in Australia. Our office is able to accept credit card orders over the phone and since we carry a full range of all our product lines available for immediate dispatch we can usually get your order to you next day. Alternatively we can ship your order as soon as we receive your cheque or money order.

Being skydivers ourselves, we understand the importance of not being without you equipment. We will do everything possible to return your repaired equipment or get your new equipment to you before the weekend.

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Parachutes Australia also provides a full rigging facility to satisfy your repair and maintenance needs.

All our products meet the highest standards of quality, and only reputable companies with proven products and back up customer service are chosen as suppliers for goods to service our customers.

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Parachutes Australia’s Premesis is located approx. 1 hour south west of the Sydney CBD. Our purpose built Premesis is 1000 Squ. meters ( 11,000 Squ. Ft) consisting of 2 levels containing Administrative offices, Impressive customer showroom, manufacturing and warehouse environments.


Our showroom has comfortable, air conditioned surroundings for our customers to spend time learning about parachutes Australia and its products.

About manufactoring


The first floor has been designed with the use of natural lighting, employee comfort and productivity in mind. The area is dedicated to the manufacture of Parachute Canopies, Harness / Container assemblies and system component parts utilising modern machinery and innovative manufacturing technics.

Computer cutting system

Computer Cutting System

Parachutes Australia was one of the first parachute manufacturers to utilise this revolutionary technology. With adherence to TSO certification in mind, the system produces remarkably accurate reproductions of designs in a wide range of sizes.

Advantages of the system are:-


  • A hot knife seared edge of all panel cuts which results in a stronger more durable parachute.
  • Accuracy to 1 mm.
  • Automatic nesting of panels to maximise fabric use efficiency.
  • Marked check points to aid manufacturing by way of support tape positioning and panel assembly.


Linecutting machine

Line Cutting

Parachutes Australia utilises a unique line cutting machine. This machine has proved invaluable in recent years and is the only one of its kind in the world today.

The line cutting machine automatically tensions the cord to a pre-determined force that ensures the accuracy of every parachute line set that we produce.

Parachutes Australia embroidery


Personalised embroidery is another way to further customise your parachute system. Text, in a large range of fonts, can be embroidered onto your new Talon container and is a service that we offer at no charge to our customers.

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