Pilot Chute/Bridle Kill Line

Pilot Chute/Bridle Kill Line


This is a fully collapsible hand deployed pilot chute available in 2 sizes.
1) 26” ZP for use with canopies up to 150 squ. ft.
2) 30” ZP for use with canopies from 150 and above.

NOTE: When ordering please advise canopy size, handle type and colour.

*A choice of either a FreeFly PUD or spherical handle

•Kevlar re-enforced to reduce friction wear

•A wide range of Pilot Chute Handle colours are available

•This system is easy to use, reset and pack.

WARNING: Please read all instructions for installation and resetting before use. 

After the canopy is out of the bag and opening, the pilot chute collapses totally thus eliminating drag on your parachute.

The bridle is constructed of hard wearing type 4 webbing with Kevlar reinforcement tape at the mouth to prevent frictional wear over time. Just below the pin you will find a viewing window to enable checking once the pilot chute is packed. The kill line itself is constructed of spectra line with a breaking strain of 1000 pounds.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.