The Telesis 2 Student

The Telesis 2 Student


Key Features:


  • Utilises comfortable and flexible F.A.S.T harness technology
  • Harness can be adjusted to suit either small, medium or large customers.
  • Main risers constructed of Type 8 webbing and standard sized 3 rings
  • Optional high density, floating leg pads for increased comfort and greater adjustability.

Main Container:

  • Solid main deployment bag with static line attachment.
  • Reserve side Jump master main activation handle
  • Features the new BOC main ripcord set-up with pinless main ripcords.
  • A range of main parachute deployment options .
  • Personalised embroidery available

Reserve Container:

  • The Reserve pin is fully protected by the tuck-in closure flap
  • The Cypres control unit is also located in the top reserve pin protector flap in a transparent window for the jumpmaster visual check.
  • The Stealth reserve pilotchute known for its excellent launch capability nestles into the molar reserve bag.
  • The molar reserve bag features a bridle with assist pockets. A feature that assists bridle drag during deployment.

Twin action or Single operating system reserve deployment

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The Telesis 2 Student Training System

This product is offered specifically for the purpose of training skydivers, taking you into the 21st century and beyond. The system is user friendly, offers tremendous features, is rigger friendly, and an excellent investment.


The Telesis 2 is manufactured in 4 sizes to fit canopy combinations from Reserve parachutes of Airforce 180 to 260 and main parachutes of 190 to 300. The container has 4 platforms which are designed to ride high on the student.

Container Fabric:

Cordura 1000D

Main Deployment Options

•Chest Mount Ripcord
•Hip Mount Ripcord
•BOC Ripcord
•Hand Deploy Pilot Chute with Jumpmaster Assist


The Telesis 2 is designed for use with square reserves only.