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Parachutes Australia
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PO Box 969
Australia, 2565
Ph+61 2 98295355
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The Talon label has long been synonymous with design innovation. It has brought to the market many design concepts, which have since become industry standard. One of the most recognisable being the FAST and Multiflex harness technology, which is now used by almost every other container manufacturer today.

The Talon FS is the latest innovation in our range of Harness/Container Systems. It has been developed in response to the exacting demands of today’s skydiving, from fast and furious Formation Skydiving, to the varied attitudes of flight in Freefly Skydiving and Freestyle. No matter what your passion, this container responds to it all.

Careful attention to safety details, as well as comfort features, are paramount in the overall design of the Talon FS, making it stand up to the most stringent requirements of today’s skydives.

Key Features
Upward closing main pin cover: Thus eliminating its potential to release during a sitting or stand up attitude of flight.
Body contoured horizontal webbing: makes this the most comfortable harness to wear - it actually hugs the container to the body allowing rig and wearer to move as one.
Wrap-around bridle protection system: which not only keeps the bridle covered in all attitudes of flight, but improves the aesthetic appeal of the container as well.
Hard Housings secured by clamps: this innovative system eliminates the need for hand tacking and allows for minimum reserve or release cable exposure at the handle end.
Flat RW8 stainless steel harness rings: prevent harness distortion, while maintaining incredible comfort and flexibility of movement, no matter what your attitude or speed of flight.
Yoke and shoulder design: provides superior comfort and aesthetics as well as keeping risers and housings fully covered and secure without hindering normal opening function.

We have taken the time to listen to our customers - the Talon FS is everything you’ve asked for in a container!

Standard Inclusions
Fabric: Durable 500 and 1000 Denier Cordura in a full range of colour combinations.
Full Stainless Steel Hardware: on 3 ring release system and Multiflex/FAST harness rings.
Custom embroidery: of your name or other lettering.
Customised piping: on side profile of container and between stripes..
Cypres ready: for immediate installation of the CYPRES unit..
RSL: Set-up on the container included. RSL unit is a cost option at $
Main Pilot Chute: with kill-line collapsible bridle and monkey fist handle..
Freestyle leg strap loops: in 3 optional settings, for fitting of elastic to maintain leg strap location in all attitudes of flight..
Free Reserve pack: if reserve also purchased from Parachutes Australia..
Maintenance kit: including Owners manual, Reserve packing card, Pull up cord, Elastic keepers..

What to look for when buying a new container

  • A reputable manufacturer whose business and products have withstood the test of time.
  • Features that suit your individual skydiving needs.
  • A container with maximum safety features included.
  • A container that is comfortable and aesthetically appealing to wear.
  • Value for money.


  • Will the container require much maintenance over time?
  • Are replacement components easily and quickly available? (remember TSO components such as the freebag must be supplied by the manufacturer)
  • Is the design rigger friendly?
  • If the container is damaged, can it be restored using the same materials and patterns locally, at a reasonable price?

Other considerations:

  • Are you able to speak directly with the people who are manufacturing your container?
  • Can late changes to your customised choices be made without time or financial penalty?
  • If you are not entirely happy with the fit or options, how easy is it to rectify with the manufacturer?
  • Does the price include any hidden extras?
  • Is the lead time acceptable to your needs?

Parachutes Australia believes that it has positively addressed all of these requirements with the Talon FS. It is a container that you will be proud to own.

Price: $2800.00

RETAIL PRICE 2800 3192 3179 2878 2349 2649 2290
Stripes Incl. Incl. 126 Incl. Incl. Incl. 30
Multiflex Harness Incl. Incl. 331 240 361 361 180
Spacer Foam Incl. Incl. 204 180 180 Incl. 102
Spherical Handle Incl. Incl. Incl. 48 54 54 48
Riser Dive Loops Incl. Incl. 39 Incl. Incl. 54 48
RSL setup Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. 92 Incl.
Piping Incl. 132 60 93 84 84 30
Embroidery Incl. 60 54 24 36 36 48
Cut-in Laterals Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. 180
Stainless Steel Rings Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl. 234 Incl. 240
SUB-TOTAL 2800 3384 3993 3463 3298 3330 3376
Add 10% GST charged at time of import. Incl. 338 399 346 330 333 338
TOTAL 2800 3722 4392 3809 3628 3663 3714

Prices are in Australian dollars with USA retail prices converted at an exchange rate of $0-83.

The above prices on the American manufactured equipment are a reflection of their "dealer network" which has included within it up to 35% margin.

Parachutes Australia manufactures the Talon FS in Australia and prefers to deal with its customers direct which means: No middle man – No price mark-up!

In all, our customers receive a better price and more efficient service.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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