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"Give me a more responsive canopy, without downsizing, a longer life span than traditional F-111 type canopies. A canopy with an excellent glide ratio and great landings and by the way...make it easier to pack than a zero porosity canopy".

Impossible...until now...

Through extensive Research and Development, and the use of both zero porosity and low porosity fabrics, we have developed a 9-cell that combines characteristics formerly unattainable in a single parachute.

The Silhouette is easy to pack due to the combination of fabrics. It has consistent openings and excellent glide ratio. The Silhouette displays more responsive handling characteristics than traditonal 9-cell canopies at equivalent wing loadings. It has a fast turn rate, while maintaining predictable turn recovery. This responsiveness and agility enables the skydiver to experience crisp handling and performance without the need to fly at high wing loadings, that would otherwise limit their total performance envelope. With the benefit of the additonal square footage, there is a corresponding increase in forgiveness, both in flight and on landing. The landings on the Silhouette are what you would expect from a Performance Designs' canopy...superb.

The Performance Designs Silhouette...Performance, longevity and ease of packing in one canopy.

Price: $3400.00

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PD Silhouette wing load chart
Silhouette-135 135 VLC N/R 101.25 115 135 155.25 175.5 18.43 7.53/6.53 2.52:1
Silhouette-150 150 VLC N/R 112.5 128 150 172.5 195 19.42 7.93/6.89 2.52:1
Silhouette-170 170 VLC 119 127.5 145 170 195.5 221 20.68 8.45/7.33 2.52:1
Silhouette-190 190 VLC 133 142.5 162 190 209 228 21.86 8.93/7.76 2.52:1
Silhouette-210 210 VLC 147 157.5 179 210 231 252 22.98 9.39/8.15 2.52:1
Silhouette-230 230 VLC 161 172.5 196 230 253 276 24.05 9.83/8.63 2.52:1
VLC = Varies with landing conditions. N/S - Not Recommended

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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