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For the last 4 years Precision Aerodynamics and NZ Aerosports have been out on our own having the only 21 cell HP canopies on the market. Even without the Goliath marketing power of some manufacturers, we've carved ourselves a niche in the HP market consistently winning canopy surfing competitions.

We've always known that the superior performance of the Icarus EXTreme-FX would not be ignored by other canopy manufacturers. Our design would eventually become the benchmark in HP and they would need to do their own versions to keep up. With this in mind we have been working on the 'next step' for quite some time, so that when other manufactures followed suit, we could retain and solidly state our position in the market as "the technological leaders in canopy design".

Introducing the EXTreme-VX

The EXTreme-VX is a 27-cell Elliptical X-braced Tri-cell that brings HP canopy performance to the next step again! Just as we did 4 years ago with the EXTreme and then again 2 years ago with the EXTreme-FX.

  • Jumpers have known for years that 9-cell canopy's out perform 7-cell's. 27 cells out perform 21 cells just the same.
  • Bulge distortion is minimized to the point that the canopy is held so well into shape that any cross section of the canopy will show a maximum airfoil distortion of only 8.75% from the desired shape. (compared to 11.5% on the FX and over 20% on conventional 9-cells). This far more accurate airfoil is visually noticeable, the VX actually looks like a wing rather than a flying mattress.
  • The extra rigidity in the canopy through both narrower cell spans and broader angles in the cross braces gives the canopy an even crisper more ridged feel, even more than the EXTreme-FX.
  • The performance sacrifice made through extra line groups is well exceeded by the performance gains made through a tighter cleaner wing.

The VX enjoys mostly the same design features as the FX with constant aspect ratio varying cell widths, a fully formed nose, zero dynamic distortion etc, etc. (refer to the FX brochure) The pack volume is around 5% greater than the FX or 25% greater than a conventionally constructed 9-cell. This is easily overcome with even smaller sizing as the canopy begs to be loaded at least 5% more heavily than the FX.
As with all the Icarus range it is available in any size. The VX is not going to replace the FX, but for those turf surf purists who's prime objective is to ween the last available performance from their canopy, rather than the focus being cost or pack volume - This can be your ultimate weapon of choice.

Price: $4090.00

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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