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The Aerolite is a steerable block constructed conical shaped canopy with a straight extended skirt.

It is constructed using the very latest materials and technology to achieve both high performance and a low pack volume.

It can be fitted with either two or four connector links, for either a two or four riser harness.

It is designed for use as an emergency parachute for pilots using a pilot chute assisted deployment.

In order to achieve the high performance, but still retain a low pack volume, the canopy is fitted with a full diaper for line stowage on the canopy.

The Aerolite is not approved for use without the diaper.

A ‘clam shell’ vent gap allows air flow through the apex vent during opening, but closes to restrict airflow once the canopy is fully inflated.

Nominal diameter:

22.7ft (6.9m)

Surface area:

406 sq ft (38 sq m)

Canopy fabric:

F-111 0-3 cu ft/min. nylon 66

Canopy weight:

5.25lbs with diaper & links

Canopy volume:

360 cu. in.

Radial tape:

MIL-T-5038 Type 3 nylon

Upper & lower lateral tapes:

Kevlar to MIL-T-8730 Type 1 Class II


Nylon braid to MIL-C-7515 Type 1A 400lb test


4 x No.6 rapide link, P/N H080,  or

2 x separable link MS22002-1 P/N H019


B029 (F) on Aerolite Part No.P015-1

Approved bridle cord:

1m length P/N B019

Approved pilot chute:

Skyhook P/N B021


Forward speed (170lb jumper):

12mph approx.

Opening time (60kts IAS):

2.7 to 2.9 sec.

Height loss (60kts IAS):


Rate of descent (170lb jumper):


Corrected to standard sea level conditions.

Test Standard

The Aerolite parachute canopy assembly consisting of:

Aerolite canopy;( Item P015 and P015-1)
Fitted with;
Item B029 Diaper or B029(F)
Item B021 Skyhook Pilot Chute
Item B019 Bridle Cord

meets the general requirements of CASR Part 21 Sub part 0 for emergency parachutes and the particular requirements of  TSO C23b and NAS 804 for a ‘low speed’ category type parachute.


The Aerolite canopy has been tested in the  S003 Slimpack and S005 Thinback Pack and Harness when used with the B021 Skyhook Pilot Chute and a B019 Bridle Cord.

Alternatively, the Aerolite may be packed in pack and harness assemblies which meet the following criteria:

(extract from FAA Advisory Circular AC 105-2A)

“Assembly or mating of major parachute components from different manufacturers may be made by a certified and appropriately rated parachute rigger or parachute loft without further authorisation by the manufacturer. Each component of the resulting assembly should function properly and may not interfere with the operation of the other components. Any questions about the strength or operation of the assembly should be resolved by actual tests by the rigger or loft to make certain the parachute is safe for emergency use”.

Price: $1650.00

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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